Second best vs last option
Sunday, April 17, 2016 | 1:28 AM | 4 comments
Which one is the worse? Being the second best or the last option?

Bagi aku the worse is being second best. Sebab kita mesti nak jadi the best for someone and that someone chooses other person to be the best for them. Its hurt when someone you put as a priority, puts you as their second best because they have somebody else.

Being the last option hurts too but not as hurt as being second best. Sebab last option ni kita sendiri dah tahu yang orang akan cari kita paling last. Even orang tu orang yang kita put as a priority. There is no hope.

Tapi being the second best is like someone gives us hope. Hope yang nak jadikan kita the best tapi disebabkan masa tu dia ada yang lagi baik so they just keep us just in case their best leave them.

Rasa macam dipergunakan lol. Kenapa tak dari awal lagi put us as the best kalau dia sendiri tak pasti orang yang dia pentingkan tu akan stay. Maknanya dia sendiri tahu orang yang dia pentingkan tu tak pentingkan dia sama macam dia pentingkan orang tu.

Dia dah tahu tu so dia gunakan kita just in case dia ditinggalkan. Wtf faham sendiri lah penat explain. Habis ayat dah 😂 FAHAM TAK NI 😭😭😭

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